Best place to sell Gameboy & Game colour games.and Gameboy Advance. console ..Bootsale or ebay?

Found 6th Apr 2009
Found a few bits laying around, haven't sold stuff like this for a while so wondered if any one had any idea of a value if I were to put ot on ebay or at a bootsale?.

Gameboy games
Game and Watch Gallery, Ms Pacman, Tour de Thrash (skate or die).
Gameboy Colour
Tomb Raider (original), Tomb Raider Curse of the Sword and Bob the Builder Fix it fun

Gameboy Advance with rechargable battery pack and headphones.

Thanks in advance for any advise.
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i would say car boot you may get a couple pound each for em
On here.

People like old stuff.

If you have any old non-colour games I would be interested myself. Have a snes with the Gameboy adaptor.

always sell well on here
I love retro video games.

Put them on here!
Thanks for the replies..rep added
Car boots are good places to sell stuff but the problem with that a lot of people at car boots go for a real bargain.
I spent the summer doing them and some people just plainly insult you with their "offers".
I would try on here 1st (sounds like you've already got a couple of people interested) and then if not try ebay ... but don't forget their fees!!
You can always try a car boot (if youve got other stuff to sell) just dont go below what you really want for them.
no dont sell them at a carboot you'l get next to nowt for them full of hagglers wanting your stuff fro next to nothing!
yeah thats the best advice ^ sell them on here
Right, off to find the camera and set up a photo account thingy, now to decide what price to put on them.

Thanks for all the advice.
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