Best place to sell PS3 stuff?

    Just caught my son on the PS3 even though he's currently banned, (don't ask!) so I'm thinking of selling the whole lot.
    Just wondering where's the best place to sell it, eg CEX, Game, Ebay, Here (I know I'd have to wait 7 days) or anywhere else?
    The set up is-
    PS3 60gb model with 250gb HDD.
    Around 4-5 controllers in various states of repair.
    Singstar mics (ps2 ones).
    Around 25 games the latest of which include MW2, ACII & singstar take that etc (lots of singstar games).
    Also would I make more splitting it or selling as a job lot?



    [url][/url] ?

    I'm not sure the 7 days rule applies on but the rules are rather vague so I'd check first.

    On here people will also certainly ask you to split, and it probably won't have much effect on total selling prices, but its the hassle of sending multiple items to multiple people.

    I'd have said ebay, but their final value fees have just gone crazy. People will try to knock you down on here and, so make sure you add a bit onto your price so they can think they've got a bargain!

    You would make more splitting, but you have the hassle of multiple buyers, and trips to the Post Office.
    I doubt anyone would want 25 games of someone else's choosing.

    yeh id say local trade-it or better still gumtree for quick sells/buys in ur area. just dont try sellin onhere cuz ull get the worst price lol

    Break it up, sell on Ebay...

    Not sure why your asking as when you calm down I doubt you'd sell it anyhow


    Break it up, sell on Ebay...

    i agree and you will sell it alot quicker

    Since you have bought him 25 games 4 -5 controllers increased his Hd capacity you must spoil the fella , I dont think you would be able to sell it . I suggest you just hide it at a friends house say you sold it and let him sweat a week or two .

    I would be interested in some of the singstar ones if you do sell. Ive got some but would like to get the whole lot
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