Best place to sell Red Letter Day voucher

Found 4th Jul 2015
I won a £500 Red Letter Day voucher at work but don't really fancy redeeming it. Was looking for advice on best place to sell it at a discounted price. Just worried about putting it on auction sites as concerned as it is a voucher code someone might activate code and not pay or say it didn't work and try and get minbey bvack.. Anybody got any advice?
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avforums or ....maybe here are pretty good, can you not redeem it for them if that's better for you?
I thought about the redeeming thinbg but I would want the cash first before registering in the butters name and I don' t think people would do that in case they think I may not honour my side of the bargain. Ideally I would like to conclude the deal in person I.e. cash handed over at time oif voucher redemption by that limits my potential customers to my locality. The problem is I am in Scotland and any decent Red Letter activities were down south!
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