Best place to sell/trade in a 60gb ps3?

    I'm looking to trade in/sell my 60gb launch model for a newer slim. Does anyone know where the best place to do this would be?

    I know CEX are offering £136 exchange for one, would gamestation match this or would they back out and say they couldn't? (The stores are right next to each other where i live).

    So would hoping gamestation price match be the best option as that seems like more than i would get for the console selling it on here or on ebay (when you take away postage and fees).

    Also does anyone know what Game are offering for trade in? As there £199 slim deal looks good.



    My mate took his into Cex first then on to Gamestation who beat it if I remember rightly.

    Cex !

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    Yeah, gamestation say "we won't be beaten on prices" but i've heard they can turn you down sometimes. I'll just bring in a print off of Cex's offer to show them.

    Do game price match at all? The slim is £20 more at gamestation than it is at game, at the moment at least.

    Last time I bought a pre-owned game in Gamestation they matched CEX. Was £8 in CEX and £12 in Gamestation

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    A further question, i don't have the original usb and ethernet cables that came with the ps3, i've put a sony usb in the box and a blue ethernet cable. Will they still accept that at trade in?
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