Best place to submit your car for a FULL VALET

    Hi guys, I've been looking for a garage to submit my car for a FULL VALET but have been struggling to find a suitable place. I thought the Auto Centres or Kwik Fit would provide this service but upon inspecting their websites, it seems that is not the case. I don't want to leave my car at some Tom, Dick or Harry's garage - in fact, I am looking to leave my car with an established company who will provide exactly what they state beforehand. Anyone got any ideas? Btw, I am based in Birmingham so a garage/company located there would be great!


    Why not ask some of the car dealerships that are around? (At least they will have a reputation to protect and should be accountable to you!)
    My local VW garage quoted me £90 for a full showroom valet.


    Try one of these guys who are specialists, not some spotty teen paid £4/hr cash by the local garage.…246
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