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I keep reading on here about how people have bought Console Bundles etc and then traded the games for better ones or for cash.

I have just bought a bundle at Sainsburys with Fifa and 007 Bloodstone and was wondering where or how I could trade 007 Bloodstone for Medal of Honor?

Would anywhere do a straight swap as it is Brand new and still sealed?

If not which store offers the best trade in price?



asda they give you a gift card and you can use it anywhere instore…339


HMV you have to go in and ask for prices
CeX have a dedicated website
Argos have a list of games and prices
ASDA you will have to go in and ask, the above thread will give you a guideline.
Tesco you will have to go in and ask.
Gamestation will beat CeX by a £1 if your local stores are close.
Game = Don't bother

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Thanks for the replys.

Just checked CEX and I can swap for Medal of Honor.

Has anyone dealt with them before online i.e. sending and receiving games?


If your Medal Of Honor is sealed you get a slightly higher price.

Only applies to EA games though, normally they don't accept sealed copies.
This is because EA games now require a code to play online which is inside the box.

I always take my items into CeX rather than posting, i feel it defeats the point a bit as you have to pay for recorded postage.

Completed listings on ebay for MOH (new and on xbox)

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I've dealt with CEX a couple of times and they were fine. I first got them to pay by Paypal as I was a bit wary but then used bank transfer which saved me PP fees X)

also worth looking at musicmagpie, speedsell and

All worth looking at to see who pays more in cash - musicmagpie need you to sell 10 games though which defeats the purpose though and their trade in values arent particularly great

I used cex on the high street and tradeyourgames online..

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Just been looking at CEX prices.

Its gives an Exchange price of £28.00 for Blood Stone and an Exchange price of £25.00 for Medal of Honor.

Does that mean that I can Trade in Blood Stone and get Medal of Honor without paying anything?
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