Best place to trade in games for CASH

Found 10th Feb 2009
Where, out of the places listed below, would be the best to trade in games for CASH?

I don't want store credit or money off other games, I want CASH.


That's all I have available to me in Belfast


probably gamestop. not sure if hmv do cash


probably gamestop. not sure if hmv do cash

gamestop? Thats an american company? Far as I was aware they only have these in Ireland I think as well?

Also HMV I found we're doing great rates at the moment, I took Midnight Club LA (PS3) into HMV they said they'd give me £12 Cash and £18 Trade In Credit which is better than Games £15 Trade In Credit and Gamestations £14 Trade In Credit.

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HMV sound good.
All my games are ancient too. Bloody Rayman Raving Rabbits and Beowulf and Devil May Cry and Dark Sector.

I am sooooooooooo broke :0(

also try - better than cex in my opinion..

You could try they buy games and music. I have shifted a lot of old tosh to them in the past and they sent me a cheque. They seem to pay more for obscure items. I know you said CASH but this is just an alternative suggestion. Hope you make some money!

Best way, go to HMV, get credit on a gift card, flog the gift card ,- Always the way
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