Best place to trade / sell old gaming consoles??

Found 9th Nov 2008
My nephew has an xbox , playstation 2 and gameboy that he has found whilst clearing out his bedroom. I've had a quick look online at CEX and was wondering whether there are any other places that may give a better price than them. We live in Birmingham so have lots of places such as Gamestation nearby. Was just wondering where gives the best trade in or cash price.
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I find the shops all give carp trade in prices, I just cant bear to part with my old consoles, have you looked at ebay, what they are selling for?
No, to be honest I can't be bothered with selling on there. Too many people trying to con you and postage etc. If you think they are all about the same I'll just pop into the most local. Thanks
id seconf that post. you may as well give them away... try the local paper. mine is free to advertise. ebay isnt worth the hassle. some off the games he may have may be worth a few quid eg zelda. good luck
I'd reccomedn selling them on here:

A pS2 will go for about £20 delivered (Assuming its a phat one?)
An xbox will go for about £20=30 delivered if you softmod it, look at my guies in misc ad you'll know how to....
if its the old grey gameboy then you'll get about £4ish deliverdd, if its the gba advance you'll get £6 delivered, if its the GBA SP then about £12 delivered...

Some of the popular games go for pretty good prices on ebay- more than what trade in will give you, you could try advertising the consoles in your local free ads
He took the games to blockbuster and got enough to get a game but they wouldn't buy the consoles off him. Think it is just easier to pick the nearest gamestation/ CEX and get trade in value for them.
Wouldn't bother selling on here for those prices. I can get £44 trade in value at CEX for the Xbox and Playstation.
Thanks to all for your help. Hadn't thought about looking at the games before he took them in. Oh well...
I might be tempted to take the PS2 off your hands. I haven't got time to put mine back together

I might be tempted to take the PS2 off your hands. I haven't got time to … I might be tempted to take the PS2 off your hands. I haven't got time to put mine back together

I will get £26 trade in for it and they only cost £40 delivered from CEX. To be honest not worth it from your point of view by the time you have paid postage etc. I'm going to have to go to CEX anyway so I would want £30 for the whole hastle plus postage on top. If you collect I would be more than happy for you to have it for £26. I know the cash is more versatile but my nephew will only spend it on games!!
Is Cex pronounced "Sex"?

Is Cex pronounced "Sex"?

Yes? No?
Gamestation give good prices for consoles dunno what Cex trade in prices are like

Is Cex pronounced "Sex"?

No idea LOL
I always thought it was pronounced XEX
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