Best Place/Price on a Zetec S 07 Ford Fiesta?

Looking to buy a ford fiesta zetec s 07 plate and wondered if anyone had found any good deals on this car.

Online Or at a dealer.

Thanks In Advance:thumbsup:


ask what deal they can do if you purchase using their finance even if you dont need it

we had discount from one garage (1500) on 9500 car (focus) by using their finance, happen to come into some money and will be paying it off after one payment

with the print-out they gave us we took it around all other dealers, who matched it reluntantly (obviously I know)

maybe not very helpful just a different angle to use

do you want brand new? Try [url]www.drivethedeal.com[/url]


do you want brand new? Try [url]www.drivethedeal.com[/url]

awesome site. the prices are really good. thanks have some rep


awesome site. the prices are really good. thanks have some rep

Yeah they really are good. Might get my new car from there.

Original Poster

thanks for your posts, i have a 56 plate zetec climate and would like to swap it for the new zetec s 07 which is more nippier.

want to know how to get the best deal for my car?
what's worked for you when you've traded your car in?

cheers people:thumbsup:
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