Best places to sell items?

    Apart from ebay as i have just closed a shop there!!
    I have 5 tubs of La muscle norateen heavyweight 2 to sell, a few forums i am a member of will not allow me to sell them which is fair enough but im running out of ideas as to where i can sell them to!

    I have them on gumtree lol but il try anything.



    I have them on gumtree lol but il try anything.

    Don't think you can sell them here

    well you cant if you have them on gumtree also, but it's also to do with business selling, it's not allowed here.

    Here or there?

    try ebid, it seems to be growing alot since it first appeared on net

    soz Im in a naughty mood today :oops: Hope you sell them soon :thumbsup:

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    no i cant sell them here, my reason that i do not want to sell them on ebay or ebid is that i have been selling them there for a while and they just aint shifting!!

    i cant really move the price if im selling on ebay because of extortionate fees and paypal fees.

    i just need to get rid of them its about £200 quids worth!!

    I could only suggest loot or admag online or this site ]http//ww…htm Good luck, its hard to shift anything at the moment:thumbsup:

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    thanks for that i will give it a go!
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