Best plasma or LCD tv to get

    Morning All,

    I'm looking to get a 42-50" plasma or lcd tv....but not sure whats the best one around...i have a budget of £500....but of course the cheaper the better...

    any know of anything decent!


    There is an lg 50"plasma that pops up on here quite regular. I'll have a butchers cant remember the exact model number. Its full hd, 3,000,000 contrast ratio, usually on here for about 450-80 i think. Would be an awesome gaming tv for the money.

    I wanted an lcd/led but bought the samsung plasma 3d job when bundle was on in sept/oct. Dont regret for a second. Plasma's make awesome gaming tv's.

    Lg 50pk350 is the one. Been on a few times for less that £500. 600hz jobbie as well. There are lots of good tv set's about now for good money. If you have Sky hd and Blu-ray/Ps3, plasma's are great quality.…350
    If you look here, this is on regularly at lower than £500 which i think is a good price. So could wait a week or so until it comes on again. Good set from a good quality make.
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