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    Can anyone tell me the best deal for at least 8.5-9" portable DVD, usually about £99. I dont need a iPod docking on it as it is only 4 a 4&7 year old. Needing one each (save arguing) from the man in the big red suit. Cheers


    I am looking for the same, 2 portable DVD players for in the car for 2 kids.

    I am unsure if I should if it worth going for the cheapest model, or going for a more expensive branded product?

    I have seen some models that contain a DVD player each, but allow a cable between them to allow the same DVD to be viewed on both screens, but you also have possibility for different DVD's.

    You then have the option of including a digital tuner, which obviously wouldn't work in the car moving, but ok stationary. These seem to be £100+ each, so £200+ for 2.

    Nextbase devices look good, but expensive.

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    A firend told me yesterday about Aldi's are doing an offer on one, which starts thirsday 14 novermber. Its only 7" though but it has swivel screen and its either £60 or £70, its worth having a look.

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    mbailey - thanks for advice, didnt know about the cable between them, great idea, anything to save another arguement!

    ebuyer have a 7" daewoo for ]£55.58 delivered

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    Thanks bloaty, I will have a look on there for the price of the 8.5" / 9". Cheers
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