best Portable HD!

    I am looking at…8-1 Western Digital Elements 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive:…8-2…ews

    Anyone have any of these drives? Or just general advice on which is the best?


    I'd say get this. Im not very good with these things but yeah:
    Western Digital My Book Essential 500GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive
    The one you chose on ebuyer looks tatty and the other amazon one looks a bit small.
    Lol tried to help

    WD pocket are really good i have the 120gb one....u can get bigger capacity...but they are really small and light and powered by the usb cable...drag and drop...really good

    None of those listed in the OP could really be considered 'portable' as their all damn heavy :lol:

    For my money though, if you want a desktop drive, you can't go wrong with these (i've got 4 of them): ]Iomega 500GB

    £7 discount with code 10NETDATA so £62.99 if you pick it up from your local Comet.

    'Portable' when talking about external hard drives usually refers to the smaller ones that don't require a power adaptor (they're powered by one or two USB ports). Neither of the ones you've linked are this sort so I guess you're after a desktop model

    I've always had good experiences with western digital hard drives personally, and my LaCie portable drive is very nice although most of their models are pretty expensive.

    Liddle ol' me;1841318

    I could seriously do with something like that8-):geek:
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