Best portable laptop?

Found 12th Apr 2007
Im wanting a laptop that is not really bigger than 14" possibly preferably 12"?
As im going to want to trek it up and down the country with me and my desktop will remain my main device at home.

But it needs to run World of warcraft well as i like to play that and would be a want for when im holed up in some hotel room!

Not sure on price as i know laptops get pricey when you get small ones, but no more than £800

Other thing is i could do with a quick delivery if possible but is not a be all and end all of the deal

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here's one you may wish to consider..excellent spec with mobility,,,3% quidco cashack

if you do not mind refurbished but with 12 months warranty then see Dell 12'' and 14.1'' laptops - check ]this

or ]this - Dell again, I have D410 and it is fast and whisper quiet, they come with 3 yr warranty

oops, sorry completely missed that you want to play WoW on it - these won't do obviously
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