Best portable power pack (5000mah)

    Am in need of a powerpack but am unsure as to which one to buy. Amazon have the following available that seemed pretty good:

    TeckNet IEP380 @ £21.99…8-1

    New Trent IMP50D @ £24.99…8-4

    Veho Pebble @ £29.99…8-2

    New Trent IMP50B @ £24.95…8-3

    The first one and the second one seem to be the same thing except for the price and maufacturer.

    At the moment I'm going for the first one simply because its the cheapest and they all seem relatively similar with 4star reviews at least. The one problem is the LED indicator; apparently its untrustworthy which is imo a pretty big headache. So which of the four have people actually bought and would recommend? Is there another one I've missed? tia!


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    I use the veho pebble it's a very nice bit of kit.

    But looking at those, that trent one may even be identical just re badged.

    So if I was you I maybe tempted to go with that one, as it's a £5 saving and probably only re badged.
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