Best Portable Solar Power Bank?

Can anyone recommend a reliable Portable SOLAR Power Bank for charging phones?
There are so many fakes ones out there with fake mah power ratings and poor solar charging capacity.

Anyone own one and recommend one? I need one that I can permanently connect to a device (5v light which switched off mostly but I want charged if needed) which is smart enough to stop charging when the power bank is low or when the phone is fully charged.


waynersheridan this last week !

​Is it 100000 Mah? any feedback on this item?

I'd be surprised if you got anywhere close to half that stated value.
It might be good enough for your needs.
I've only seen these type of solar power banks on eBay where their authenticity is questionable.
I am not sure if Anker etc does solar power packs.


​Is it 100000 Mah? any feedback on this item?

There's not a chance of it being 100000mah, it would have to be the size of a motorcycle battery to manage that. I'd be very dubious of anything else they say about it if they can't even get that right. I won't even mention the difference between Mah as they state and mah

The independant did a review of solar chargers, you should be able to find one on there that suits your needs -…tml

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Totally agree with the comments on any charger claiming 100000mah, they turn out to be far less than even the 2000mah ones in most cases and tend to fakes with a tendency to explode.

RxTx - that "independent" article is sponsored, plus MSC Travel Charger don't mention Solar charging times, so they know it's not all that.

I'll keep looking, need one about the size of a mobile phone.
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