Best pre-order deal star wars TFU xbox 360?

    Just read this on a games website but i am at work and would like to know if it available

    "We have two brand new demos that have just hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, potentially one of the year's best games and a hockey game for sports fans.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is available in all regions and will clock in at nearly 905 MB. Definitely one of the most anticipated games of the year, you'll now get to try it out for yourself a few weeks before it's actual release, so get your Force powers ready.

    Also available for download is the demo for NHL 2K9, in which you'll be able to play as either the Detroit Red Wings or the Pittsburgh Penguins, a rematch of last year's Stanley Cup Finals."


    Yep it was released yesterday ;-)

    Yes I can confirm that the Star Wars Unleashed demo is out and awsome!


    Wheres the Hellboy demo?

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    ****ing hell its going to be a long day for me at work

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    LFC Muppet;2798866

    Yep it was released yesterday ;-)

    Cheer mate

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    so anyone played it

    Rate it out of 10!

    Supposedly it is one of the shortest demo's ever, people talking about it on DF ;-)

    900mb download and its awesome, needs a bit of tweaking on the controls but definitely a nice feel to the game destroying stuff.

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    Cant wait

    Its pretty short, though leaves you wanting more!

    The first time you throw someone against a wall, and it leaves a dent, is pretty special.

    Also, when slashing away with ur lightsaber, press the lightning button :w00t:

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    Just finished the demo and its great!

    Wonder if any retailers will be throwing in a special faceplate!
    Anyone heard or seen anything? can keep the code for the code :giggle:

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    no one then?

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    Now its closer to the release date

    I think a bump is in order
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