Best price for 1080p + image on hd tv

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Found 22nd May 2007
So i want a hd tv and i want it to be future proof so i want it with 1080i and 1080p or more

Theres some 42 inch onces in makro with like 1920p or something but they are a grand

Thanks for the help

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dan they arnt 1920p mate, they are 1920 x 1080 resolution which means they are 1080p. Theres a few things you need to decide before you can look

1) Plasma or LCD

2) Screen Size

3) Price

4) No of HDMI ports

Ok lol it sed true hd or something like that and had i very high res ---- i want at least 32 -37 ---- 3 hdmi and freeview etc and has to have 60hz and ntsc playback as i will be importing

I havnt seen any 1080p (full hd) 32" sets as yet, Im sure there are some 37" ones out there, but I know for sure samsung do a few 40" ones .. they will be a bit more expensive though.

You will be looking at £600+ with 2 hdmi's and alot more with 3 ..

yeh true hd hold on ill look for my makro thing

its £999.99 not incl vat obviously and its like 42" if i member

was it a plasma by any chance?

Lol i cant find the makro mag its in my wheely bin at he bottom and i cant be arsed
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