Best price for 2gb miro sd?

Found a few here mx2.co.uk/pro…0sd are these good prices?

Looking for one for a samsung u600, are they compatible, and is it woth buying better cards like "ultra 2"?


micro sd cards work fine with the u600, best bet would be to check on mobymemory since they tend to have the best prices plus cheap delivery. as for ultra 2 cards, they are only really necessary if your transferring large files and want them sent over a few seconds faster

if you wanted the cheapest option you can grab a 1gb Micro SD from play for £6.99


2GB are on sale in Costco for just over £15 genuine Sandisk. You need to be a member but some great deals in there.

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Moby memory looks to be cheapest at £13.49 but no free delivery.

Looks like i will go with £13.69 at [url]www.mx2.co.uk[/url] are they a reliable retailer will they be genuine cards?
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