Best price for a ATI HD 4770? (or a 4870?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering where the best place to get a 4770 is? There seems to be a *lot* of ones out of stock for £70 or so, with £90 being the cheapest in stock, which leads me to the next question... if that's the case, and it's only a bit cheaper than the 4870, should I just grab one of them, and where from?



    I'd juss go for the 4870 tbh. I had my heart set on a 4770 but the chances of getting one in stock for a readsonable price were too low.…er/

    4870 at £93 or something. If I havdn't just bought myself a 4890 from ebuyer for £130, I would've gone for that.

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    Looks good actually, thank you... free delivery too! \o/

    Let's just hope there aren't any new cards around the corner eh

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    ... actually, looking at the power ratings I've decided to go for a 4770 I think, just to make 100% sure it works okay with my PSU.

    Any good prices for those anywhere?


    Let's just hope there aren't any new cards around the corner eh

    There are, why do you think the 4870 is so discounted?

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    Ooh, which ones? The 5 series?


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    yeahh direct x11 cards are just around the corner,…jsp use that to work out if your powersupply can handle the 4870 as for £20 extra you cant go wrong.

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    Ahh, nice one cheers... almost tempted to wait for the dx11 cards now! heh

    hmmm, i we had this discussion over the 4890 listed a few days ago, i dont really thing its worth it plus with cards like the 4870 at that price its a steal, i myself have a 4890 and i have to say they're cracking cards amazing value for money when compared with their nvidia counterparts.

    is DX11 really worth supporting without any games?

    we still arent getting full DX10 support cos of all the Xp users with DX9
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