Best price for a Casio EX-Z1050 - must be silver ;p

    Hi guys, following on from my post last week (got the case and memory card sorted! thank you) I'm after a decent price for a Casio EX-Z1050.

    Unfortunately, must be silver which puts the price up by about £25 over the black one straight away. Annoying since I'd much rather have a black one anyway, grr @ my mum!!

    Cheapest I can find so far is £150~ at Amazon

    Thanks guys


    Think they were around £140 in Costco if I remember rightly when I was their about a month ago

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    Ah nice price, thank you, I've no idea where the nearest Costco is though (never even heard of it before!) so somewhere online would be great ;o

    Using pricerunner (] gives :-

    Tecno at £138.05 inc. delivery
    Dixons at £139 inc. delivery

    plus many others at higher prices.

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    Awesome, thanks paul!
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