Best price for a Hotpoint EG902GX -Range Cooker

    I am having a new kitchen in the next few weeks and really like the look of this cooker, but it is not widely stocked in the high street.
    There is a fairly local supplier who can get one in and they say they can match net prices.
    I did see it for 699.99 at Co-Op electrical a few weeks ago, but now I am almost ready to buy it is not available any more :-(
    The best price I can find now is £775.
    Just wondered if anyone could find anything better so I can put my local dealer to the test.

    Many thanks.



    £719 here…526

    Remember on a cooker of this price to do a Dom. Get currys and/or Comet to price match Dual or even beat it. You are spending a lot of money with them get beat them down on price :thumbsup:

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    :)what about this its half the price … :)what about this its half the price xx

    Thanks both.

    Currys, Comet etc don't stock this model. But if I can find a good net price I am hopeful that the local supplier will come somewhere near to a price match.

    Karen21101 - thanks for looking that one out - but I want a double oven - fan assisted and conventional. If I can fit both into the same space then I would rather do that than have one massive oven. But thank you for taking the time.

    :)ahhh got you now i have this one so can vouch for it xx…id=

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    Oooh that's nice. I might even get some more off with NHS Discounts.

    I can go and have a look at that one in Currys. What kind of hood do you have with that. I want a re-circulation one - did you get yours from Currys too?

    :)i havent got a hood as yet had mine for over a year but were gettin a fitted kitchen in end of august so ill get my hood extractor thing then but i will get it from same place as my kitchen i getting a family discount :)also use this code AWDFC5 - 5% off Dual fuel cookers £25 more pounds off


    Oooh that's nice. I might even get some more off with NHS Discounts. I … Oooh that's nice. I might even get some more off with NHS Discounts. I can go and have a look at that one in Currys.

    If you do decide on the one from Curry's it's worth noting that Dixons are cheaper, despite being part of the same group, as they have a 5% voucher off of range cookers.


    Just enter the code 5RANGEDU into the promotional box

    Works out £23 cheaper delivered than Currys, plus they do package deals with hoods if you scroll down the page.

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    Thanks Den38.

    Know what I realised as I was having another look - that Milano is a 100 wide and I need a 90. Good job I finally noticed. I am just on range cooker overload at the mo !!

    Thanks for the Dixons code may well work out cheaper to get a package from them. Plus I can get some Quidco too I think. Just a shame that they do not do the Hotpoint that I have my eye on. But still can get quite a good package on Dixons and the pennies are being counted what with the new kitchen going in and all that that is costing.
    There is NHS discount with Currys ibut they are a bit dearer to start with anyway. Shame I cannot get out of the Dixons delivery charge - that is a bit of a :x as Currys deliver for free.

    Thanks everyone for your help.
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