Best price for a pack of 4 xAAA NiMH rechargeable batteries?

    Need a packet of these, any brand considered so long as the batteries are 1000mAh or higher (700/900mAh are no use)
    Online or instore considered, most of the packs available on Amazon charge another
    £5 for P&P (which is ridiculous i reckon!)


    £8.99 at for sony 1000mah aaa

    Have you got a home bargains near you?? If so thay had a uniross charger with batteries (aaa ones) for either £2.99 or £3.99. Our home bargains is at Clifton Moor, York and they were just all in a heap on the bottom shelf. They have been there a few weeks now because I posted the energiser one with 4 x AA batteries a couple of weeks ago.

    Sorry don't know what mAh they are

    try 7dayshop…e=1

    7dayshop Rechargeable Ni-Mh Battery - AA Size (2800mAh) - Pack of 4 in FREE Case @ £3.99 MEGA!
    VERY LIMITED OFFER - FOR 1 WEEK ONLY AT £3.99 NORMALLY £4.29 - These are the UK's best value AA 2800 mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries ! This 2800 mAh ... [read more] ... [more images] ... [#101842] £10.99 £3.99

    Original Poster

    they are for AA (good price though!) i need AAA, will have a look on that site see what i can find.

    Have you tried Boots of all places as in Dundee (High Street if anyone local is looking) had a fair amount of their rechargeable batteries reduced and they were also going through 3 for the price of 2.

    Managed to get 12 AA rechargeables for £5 and my friend got a charger and 4 AA batteries with it plus 2 packs of AAA rechargeable batteries for £11.25 so worth a look there.

    Hope this helps.

    If you buy a charger on play you get 4 x AAA x 1000mAh with it for 7.99 or 7.59 using the voucher.…h-4

    You can also get the same 4 x AAA x 1000mAh with a USB charger for 6.99 or 6.64 using the voucher, but i think paying less than a pound more for a car/house charger is the better bet.…tml

    Both prices include postage and quidco or Vcard can be used to drop the price a further 4 or 5%
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