Best Price for a reliable External Hard Drive??


    I'm looking in to getting my husband an external hard drive for Father's Day. Having read a lot of different deals on here I am not at all sure what would be best.

    The Tesco deal for an Iomega 1 TB seems a great price but I am worried if this is one of the less reliable ones or if it is ok?

    Any help would be most appreciated

    Also is getting him a HDD for Father's Day like him getting me an ironing board for Christmas?? He loves gadgets so thought it was a good idea!


    The Tesco Iomega drive is fantastic. I use it as my network drive, so it is always on and works perfectly.

    I assume it is the some one they were a while ago, about £60?

    I use it to back up the four laptops and one desktop overnight, and to stream video and music.

    Depends what you need it for, but I recommend it.

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    It is just under £70 now:…spx

    Was also looking at some on Amazon for £80/£75 there were Buffalo and Western Digital drives available and I wasn't sure whether it would be better to spend the extra if they are more reliable.…1-2…CIW

    It'd be for backing up his pc and music collection as well as videos and photos.

    Yeah it looks like a good external HD and a great price too! Cant find many cheaper than that. Gets good reviews as well.

    Heres a seagate one on play - £74.99
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