Best price for a Sony Alpha DSLR-A230 + 18-55mm Sony Zoom Lens?

    I'm looking to get a Sony A230, all the shops seem to have it at £350ish the now so I figured if I could find a good combination of quidco + voucher + current sony £50 cashback then I'd be able to make a good saving.

    Best quidco I could find was Jacobs with 3.5% (Jessops do 4% but on price excluding VAT).
    Best voucher that doesn't exclude SLRs was Currys 5% off (they don't allow quidco with this voucher, boo)

    So no quidco + voucher then .

    So my best price so far is £350 - 5% = £331.55 - £50 cashback = £281

    Has anyone found a combination that gets a better price? I'm keen on buying soon to take advantage of the cashback.

    Sony Cashback:…d-a
    Jacobs Quidco:…as/
    Currys voucher:…f=6


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    The seperates idea is a good one. I'll dig around for some good prices as the kit via bristol cameras doesn't work out so well:
    Sony Alpha A230 Body = £269.00 - £50 = £219.00
    Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 DT SAM Lens = £99.00 - £20 = £79.00
    Postage = £10
    Total = £308

    Still better off with the Currys deal at that price but I can hunt around for a cheaper deal on a lens


    don't bother with a kit lens. after a short while you will want to get a better lens anyway.
    consider the SAL50F18 - good for portrait, low light etc


    How about where its £345 - £50 = £295 but you get quite a healthy kit with it?

    I think thats the best deal I've found unless I'm missing something...!

    Hope that helps? :-)
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