best price for a wii console please

    rep waiting for the best deal, thanks


    Out of stock at the moment but ]£234.89 Here which is a reasonable price and guide

    In stock as bundle at Play ]Here £249.99 Pretty much the rrp

    Don't forget there's a 5% discount code you can use at Play which would bring that down to £237.49. Still good - used yesterday.

    Linky: ]http//ww…co/

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    Ah thanks guys, I'm looking for a friend and I don't think she will want to go through the hassel of the rac voucher, and shame shop to is out of stock.

    How about deals for wii only?

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    no good wii deals then?

    When I was in zavvi in Victoria Square belfast yesterday, they had the wii itsself for £180. Unfortunately they are offering discount on everything BUT consoles but if your just looking for a wii it seemed good.

    The console itself is back in stock at Tesco atm for £172.38. There still seems to be shortages though, so how long before it's OOS again I dunno. Above site is a good tracker for what's available where.

    The above wii at Asda is a great price esp with the game thrown in. If there's any stock left and it does scan at that price, I'd say that's about the best deal to be had. Could easily buy the wii fit separately for around the £70 mark and would work out slightly cheaper than some of the previous bundles mentioned.

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    Best deal around I … Best deal around I believe:

    Hadn't seen that one, thanks. One post does say it only ran till Monday though :-( shame

    Thanks for the link mystix, will keep that to hand.

    I really thought they had come down in price since buying mine a year ago, oh well

    They were still running this deal at my local Asda today.

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    They were still running this deal at my local Asda today.

    Was it still scanning at the cheaper price do you know?

    Sorry - missed this reply. They were back then as a colleague picked one up but no idea about now. Certainly worth a try - can always change your mind after it has been scanned.
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