Best price for an Xbox 360 Elite?

    I'm after an Xbox 360 Elite, preferably with Fifa '08 and preferably without Forza 2 as I already have that. Quick question though, am I better off waiting a bit longer for a Falcon?



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    Bump, please anyone?

    prob looking at 300 with 2 games, thats the package i got and i traded in the games for 50 quid, so in effect elite only cost me 50

    look for a 2 free game package (hmv) and get the 2 newest games

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    Cheers, are there any details of that online or is it instore only?

    i think its just instore, saw it a couple of days ago so should still be running

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    Nice one, cheers, may go for it

    you will have to research the games and what prices you can get for trade ins.

    when i got mine i got blue dragon and moto gp 07 both new out, but if the same games are in the offer you will prob only get about 15 quid each.

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    Cheers dude, I'll probably just grab two games I want and keep them though, we'll see
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