Best Price for Black/White Ds lite

    Best Price for Black/White Ds lite n a game


    Any particular game you want?

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    Nope anything -- but the best deal ive found is Ninty ds lite with sonci rush for £105 but im not paying that much

    I wanna pay max £90

    best deal is from littlewoods, only if you have not shopped with them before as for a first order you get £30 off and they have them priced at £110. after discounts its £80. but you have to wait a really long time 3-4 weeks

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    3-4 weeks -- i personally havent ordered off them but fam members have but thanks

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    But i dont really wanna order on the net as ne probs returnings hard

    Ive got a gba micro atm and the ds will replace that

    Already had a ds got ti on launch day back in march 05 but since got rid now i miss it

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    Black or white ds???

    I hear black is prone to fingerprints

    Black can be prone to fingerprints but its not a huge deal.

    You probably wont find a DS+ game for 90 quid instore anywhere - the only places that do it that cheap are online.
    Lots of US (ie no warranty) stuff from places like playasia within that range, and dodgy grey imports on the less reputable sites, or it is Littlewoods, lxdirect or great universal to use first time discount.

    Instore Game do it with that Star Wars one for 99.99 but still overbudget (but 2.5% reward points)

    Game do this Black DS Lite + Monkey ball for £99.99]http//ww…341

    You get 2.5% reward points and 3% back from Quidco. That puts it at £94.50.

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    Thanks for your help == rep given === i think ill wait a bit before i get another ds
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