best price for drinks at cinemas

    Work is paying for us to go to a cinema ans watch a movie, we have to pay for all our drinks, some of the oldies want to know which one is the cheapest.

    What do you buy when you go to the cinema and how much does it cost.


    Sneak or hide whatever sweets, drinks and other food into the Cinema. Cheaper, and if you are not stupid or obvious you shouldn't have a problem. I.e. Cans, small bottle of drinks, packets of crisps, bars of chocolate are simple to place in the pocket of a jacket or coat. Avoid alcohol, large cakes, smelly fast food & fries, kebabs although I've seen people blatantly eating, drinking or throwing them in the cinema without being stopped.

    To be honest most cinemas have policies not to bring your own food or drink but only liberally adhere to the policy. Otherwise you can buy special combinations deals and maybe share each of the items. Also don't forget there are apps on mobiles for cinemas which might provide discounts or free products.

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    I was going to say the same as nemesiz. My local odeon is right next to sainsburys. They gave up trying to stop people who took carrier bags in with them long ago.

    Take a keg.

    get a scran b4 go in and then just a bag of malteasers

    Bags of butter toffee popcorn from Home Bargains, nom nom nom.

    I've never understood why people can't just sit and watch the film without feeling the need to binge on loads of popcorn and drink for a couple of hours. Have something before/after!!!
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