Best price for Hawx on PS3

    Anyone seen any deals for Hawx on the PS3 which is released 6/3/09 as I can only find places so far that have it for £39.99 unless places like ASDA will sell for £30 on release weekend


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    35 quid here, we missed out on it being 31 quid last week. I want it for xbox 360 as well for cheap on release day

    asda is cheaprer than that! 34.something!

    how you know? it aint out till frDAY

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    how you know? it aint out till frDAY

    It's listed on their site…uct

    Hopefully ASDA will sell it cheaper in store on release day like some games they have for just under £30 for the first weekend.

    Not really a big fan of flight sim games but after playing the demo I will be getting this even though this is going to be an expensive few weeks as already picked up SF4 and killzone 2 plus SOCOM is due out and GTA4 limited edition and RESI

    i was looking forward t0 re5 but it sucks lol. got sf4 as well, can either be amazing or annoying, depends if i am winning lol
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