Best price for Hill's Prescription diet R/D Chicken Dog food 12kg Bag

Found 25th Nov 2008
Can someone tell me where i can purchase Hill's Prescription diet R/D Chicken Dog food 12kg bag, less than the price my Vet charges me.
My Vet charges £55.95 and i do not want to line their pockets any more than i have to.

I'm sure other pet owners buy online at a good price.

Regards Simon
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Hi I had the same problem so i took the lable with the make up of the food on it to my local pet store. After looking around we found the grey hound dry dog food was nearly the same. At ten pounds a bag we tried it and it worked just as well. One slim and happy dog!
Vets are a rip off. ]Nutrecare will do it for £43 delivered
This is a like to nutrecare £42.95 + £3.95 deliver to uk mainland.

[QUOTE=choc1969;3563588]Vets are a rip off. ]Nutrecare will do it for £43 delivered[/QUTE]

You beat me to it. Vets are! a rip off at the moment my vet is charging me three times the price for tablet i could get on the net, but the dog needs them now so i have no chose but to pay.
Thanks choc1969 and ITS_ME.

£10+ is a good saving on overpriced Hill's food

ITS-ME - my dog has to take tablets for the rest of her life,might see if i can buy online.
After the lecture i had from my Vet today and her terrible attitude - no wonder she is a Vet working with animals instead of a Doctor!
She prescribed antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets because my Dog had an infection and she only wants the dog to see her in a months time to check her weight!
I'm sure she just ripped me off with my £150 visit!

Time to change Vets i think.
I find Petmeds is good to buy from, the only thing i found was that the vets,do not charge for a pescribed, but my vet would often say we need to see her first, think it was only to get a check up charge. Still even with that the meds were cheeper on line.
My vet charges a prescription charge of £8 but for a months tablets they charged £22 total £30.

Petmeds only charged £3.60 for same tablets but i would have to add on £8, so still a saving for me!
Just searched online for our dog and found 12kg dry food at £39.99 and 24 tins for £37.99 at bitiba.co.uk (after looking at 20+ other sites!)
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