Best Price for Ipod Shuffle in Green (3rd Gen)

    Wondering if anyone has seen any for under the £46 mark, or any good freebies you get with purchase? Cheers! :santa:


    there is no such thing as 3rd gen shuffle(not yet at least)
    judging by the price, think you meant the 2nd gen shuffle rather than a 3rd gen nano?

    I have saw the Shuffle in Toys R Us for £50, but it includes free matching speakers.
    Hope that helps you

    Do you know anyone travelling out of a UK airport soon?
    Dixons at Gatwick, Manchester have them at £41 tax free.

    Original Poster

    I'm going to Paris next month but on the eurostar.... do they have duty free there? Thanks for all your help anyway, rep given to you all

    look on the dixons web site they had some refurbs on for around 40 today.

    Hi i just looked on the Dixons website. Showing a refurb green one for £34.99 just type in ipod shuffle in the search box.
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