best price for ipod touch 8gig

    Hi all as the title says, thanks in advance



    keep an eye on the apple website

    they sell refurbs from time to time. the 8GB touch was £119 inc vat last time they had them, plus you get 6% quidco on the pre-VAT price. Takes it down to about £112


    Hey I dunno if your interested in anything other than an Ipod but I'm gonna be getting a creative zen as it was recommened on here, I'm getting the 4gb one thats £45.49 at amazon but they have an 8gb for £69.99..


    I didnt know what they looked like cos obviously its online so I popped into Currys today (who are charging £69.99 for the 4gb one) to see what it was like and I thought it was lovely.

    oh sorry didnt see it said touch just ignore me

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    oh sorry didnt see it said touch just ignore me

    lol np m8
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