Best Price for Panasonic DMC-TZ5?

Been looking for a little while now to pick one of these up for a reasonable price.. I should have maybe capitalised over the xmas period whilst retailers were trying to cash in and were more willing on offers, but funds were shot at the time.

anyway, best i've seen is £169.99 + £7.99delivery - £177.98

Any known cheaper deals or offers on this would be greatly appreciated!



Jessops is slightly cheaper (by a handful of pence!).... although if you add in one of the vouchers you should be able to get it cheaper still.

This will still qualify for the free 3 year warranty at Jessops- ask instore for details.

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Thanks for the replies guys.. but checked jessops earlier to see that theyre coming up at 195.. with 5% dicount code not doing the trick on this model of camera either!


whoa! that has gone up! Was £176 when i looked a few days ago!


£169.99 Silver or 174.99 for blue or black at [url]www.sundigital.co.uk[/url].

All 3 colours in stock. I've just ordered a bundle with a 16GB high speed memory card, spare battery and case for £229.99 + postage.

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Yeah sundigital is still cheapest on the web.. i jst went for it. seems I got the last black one at 169.99 before they put the price up to 174.99.

got a 16gb class 6 sdhc for 17.99 instead of going for bundle package off sundigital too so think i did alright. jst waiting on delivery of the bad boy now!

I have been looking for a good deal on one TOO!:)
And seem to be in the same situation with prices going up instead of down.:x
I cant understand why??? Wot with Credit Crunch and they are looking at bringing out a new model in march!:oops:

Any help with finding a good deal would be appreciated:thumbsup:

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I read an article the other day on the reason for camera prices seemingly increasing.. reason being is the Yen increased 25% in value on the Euro, and Pound respectively last year hence now the price increase to the european customer. buy as soon as you can was the message from the article as things arent going to get any cheaper for a good while.

i got a mail from sundigital refunding my order due to cock up in their stock availabiliy apparently. im well gutted as prices everywhere else have increased by a good 10 quid.
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