Best Price for Sony MDR-1000x headphones?


    Been looking around but can only see these retailing at full price (£330), does anyone know the best deal for these headphones at the moment? Was hoping they might be reduced somewhere in the boxing day sales!




    Google it

    been looking at these too......according to reviews, these are the best as far as ANC bluetooth cans are concerned.....Out of my price range:(, but I did try the MDR100's in my local currys, and they were very nice and half the price on amazon....cheapest I have seen the MDR1000's for is £129.. :O)

    As the fellow hukder advised above......Google is your friend.....despite wanting to take over the world.....;)

    Various prices at Amazon Warehouse, if you don't mind buying pre-owned (which are usually mint condition).…sed

    The new mark 2 of these headphones have just been announced. Hopefully fixes the headband cracking issue too because it uses new materials
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