Best price for this seasons Spurs shirt?

Found 1st Oct 2009
Hi all,

I need some help please. I am not much of a follower of football and as such I don't really know where to get football shirts at a good price. I need to get hold of a Spurs shirt though for a gift. Anyone know where is best? I did and search but couldn't see any un-expired deals.

Thanks in advance!
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Check any local rubbish dump or bins. Should be free. May even have someone willing to give you money to wear it? :-D
have you checked our sports soccer or sports world (or whatever they are calling the shop this week). The company Mike Ashley owns seems to have some cheap stuff
Thanks for the help. I'll go check out Sports Soccer/World/Ski/Tennis/Volleyball/Rugby/Tiddlywinks etc and see what they have. The Bargain Crazy one is an awesome deal but it's last seasons and I'm gonna get this signed for someone that is sadly not long for this world so should probably invest in the latest kit.

Thanks for the hints!
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