best price on a good steering wheel lock

    I had my car stollen a few weeks back and just replaced it with a new one which has an alarm/immoboliser but im also after a st/wheel lock any cheep ones about ?


    if you buy a cheap one the chances are this car will get stolen
    the best ones are supposed to be the ones that half cover your steering wheel
    thus protecting your airbag as well i think halfords do there own version it is also thatcher rated

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    my car has a alarm and a imoboliser im just thinking to put somthing on it to show im security mindid and will deter a opotunist thief

    Hope your new car is a Toyota:roll:

    One of the least likely cars to be nicked cos of this

    Toyota uses the Retainagroup's system, which marks each car repeatedly with a unique number, recorded on the Retainagroup's International Security Register (ISR). In addition to this, Toyota marks every panel on its cars with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This makes changing the identity of a Toyota much more difficult than it is with some other makes.

    The writer stated that when visiting the Mets stolen vehicle compound there wasnt one Toyota

    Didnt think there cars were that bad:whistling:

    See this site for car steering wheel locks that have been tested by Sold Secure. Gold standard is the best.…htm

    this is he type of thing you may think it is expensive but you will only buy it once
    i have had mine for years and i have changed car four times and it fits no bother
    any thing less and you are only kidding yourself not the theif who can remove the
    cheap ones in less than 20 seconds

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