Best price on a iPod Touch 32gb?

    I've been asked to find the best price on a 32gb ipod touch. I'm pretty sure that it doesnt matter if it is 2nd gen or 3rd gen. I'm wondering if you can buy a cheap 2nd gen online anywhere or instore. If not is there anywhere cheaper than at £220 for the 3rd gen?


    hi there,

    i dont know whether you have purchased your ipod yet???
    but on ebay there is someone selling gift voucher codes the for apple ipod touch for 99p!!!
    he's claiming that you can get an apple ipod touch 32gb with 1yr warranty for £184.00 plus free delivery with the voucher code that he claims is 100% guaranteed!!!
    the item no. on ebay is 190359861740
    hope this helps???

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