looking for a good price on a minidv camcorder with a hard drive
    id like it to be really compact, as its going to be used sort of to be carried around in my pocket.

    along the lines of this for size please:…jsp[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdfaddmlfmfhflcflgceggdhhmdfol.0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=837221&category_oid=

    thankyou, TJ


    Do you want a Mini DV camcorder, which records onto a MiniDV tape or a Hard Drive Camcorder which obviously records onto a hard drive (i.e. has no removable media).

    Mini DV camcorders can be had for around £100-120 (like the JVC you linked too). There was a Panasonic 3CCD camcorder (i forget which model) for about £130 on clearance in my local Currys digital the other day which I was very tempted with. Imho, Panasonic do some of the best camcorders around, especially their 3CCD models.

    Hard Drive camcorders are from around £250 and a v good deal is the Sony DCR33 (about £300 from Currys), but Sony are offering £30 cashback. There should be a link about on here somewhere. Panasonic also offer a 30gb camcorder at around the same price, but its not the 3CCD model.

    Also worth looking at, especially as you want small and compact is the Samsung SD camcorder MX10 (currently £145 from Comet) although if memory serves, you'll have to buy an SD card for it as they dont inlcude one.

    Original Poster

    yeah i want the hard drive one, a lot easier and also a lot more expensive.

    thanks, i looked at the the sony DCR33. do you think i should wait a bit and see if the price comes down?

    thanks very much
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