Best price on a xbox bundle.

    Wanted for occasional use, would prefer one of the bigger memory ones.

    As you can tell I have no idea on them, would appreciate any good bargains you know of.

    Thanks guys.


    are you looking a new bundle are used deals??

    Original Poster

    New preferably, or have seen the pre owned in the shops, they any good?

    coming up to xmas there will be loads of deals to try and shift as many as possible,if your using it for playing games and not online get the 4gb but if you wanna go online and download xtras and rip your games to the harddrive get the 250gb,get the newer xbox much better.

    [url=]Sainsburys have a deal a 4gb xbox slim with two games for £149, the games are worth £60 giving you the console for £90 see this thread[/url]
    You can then get the memory for under £30 and just put it in yourself, again described in the thread, already done it, its pretty easy

    Sainsburys in Guisbrough have been getting them in, its a cracking deal

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