Best price on replacement PS3 BD Drive assembly needed

    Unfortunately, the blu ray drive on my PS3 appears to have gone up the pictures.

    Whenever you put a disc in there now, the icon in the top right corner of the screen just cycles around and no disc icon appears on the launch menu. I have tested a PS3 game, BD movie, Audio CD and DVD video in there. It is one of the old 60GB consoles with hardware backwards compatibility and was imported from Hong Kong so I doubt Sony would touch it even if I paid them to (which incidentally I did try to do but after being kept on hold waiting for someone when I called them for nearly 8 minutes I just gave up).

    Does anybody know where I could get a good price on a replacement drive assembly for it?




    Sony will fix it.

    They charge £99 including courier.

    I try find the number for you.

    [COLOR=Black]0870 5998877[/COLOR]

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    [COLOR=Black]0870 5998877[/COLOR]

    They'll fix an NTSC one?

    I did try to call that number earlier actually but after nearly 8 minutes of waiting for someone to answer, I gave up.

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    Thanks mate, that looks like the right model, I don't much fancy paying £60 quid for one though, although I have seen them on Fleabay for slightly less inc next day delivery so it looks as though I will end up paying around the £50 mark anyway. They really don't make things to last anymore do they.

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I didn't actually expect any replies to this thread at all to be honest.

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    Well for anybody else who needs one, I managed to get a brand new one off Ebay (KEM-400) for £55 from a UK based power seller and that looks to be about the best deal around for that model at the moment.

    I'm still disgusted though, I have only had the console for a couple of years.
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