Best price on Windows XP Pro?

I am looking for the best price on windows xp pro - OEM is fine as I am looking to buy some hardware anyway and may get both from the same place.. must obviously be a 100% legitimate version, have seen so many websites selling "reclaimed" and "student" versions that are fancy words for "copy", and trying to find one that's legitimate on Ebay is a nightmare.

So where's the best place to get one these days - not an update, but the full Windows XP Pro?


Have you tried Ebuyer? They're doing an OEM version which also entitles you to a free Vista (business) upgrade when it comes out...

Do you really need the pro version? To be honest, most regually used features and functions are all there in the home edition and it works out better value for money (in my opinion).

Whatever version you go for, make sure you get the voucher upgrade for a free Vista (subject to postage costs).

Ebuyer would be my suggestion, and here are 3 price examples, all with Vista coupons (slightly cheaper if you go for ones without the coupons but well worth the extra couple of pounds)...

ebuyer.com/UK/…646 (home)

ebuyer.com/UK/…652 (pro x32)

ebuyer.com/UK/…654 (pro x64)


You can try [url]www.softwareselect.co.uk[/url] that's where I got mine from. Currently at £61 for home edition, and £96 for pro edition.

A couple of pieces of info which you (or anyone else) may find useful...

* Unless there are specific features you require from PRO, just get the HOME edition (it's much cheaper and almost the same).

* UPGRADE edition means you need to have a previous version of windows to upgrade from - check the smallprint (it may have to be a specific previous version / edition).

* ACADEMIC edition means you must fulfil Microsoft's criteria as being a qualifying student / teacher. Again check the smallprint - only certain types of students qualify.

* ACADEMIC UPGRADE edition has to fulfil both of the criteria above.

* OEM edition is for system builders (i.e. people or companies who build PCs) and cannot be taken from one computer and put onto another. It must be purchased with a piece of hardware (most companies will send you a cheap mouse). It can only be installed on one particular PC and cannot be uninstalled and reinstalled on another computer. Also if you change the hardware configuration of that computer beyond a certain point (i.e. too many changes) the OEM version will stop working. OEM versions, as with all other versions, still require a certificate of authenticity.

* I would STRONGLY ADVISE against buying Windows XP from Ebay. So many of the auctions are fraudulent and you may end up with a copy / reused OEM version / student version (when you are not a student). This is, of course, only my opinion, and some of the ebay auctions may be genuine.

Yes avoid Ebay..my version of Win XP pro bought from a trader several years ago has proved to be a fake now that Microsoft have intoduced the software to test authenticity ..so I bought an OEM version of XP home
The only advantage in a purchase of WIN XP Pro is that the voucher gets you a better version of Vista than the version you'll get with the XP home voucher.
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