BEST PRICE? Samsung LE23R71WX?

    Hi guys, decided upon the Samsung LE23R71WX in the end, thanks to those who helped!

    Does anyone know the cheapest place/price i could get this for? The cheapest i can find is £445 delivered from dixons using the £15 discount code-does anyone know any more dixons codes? Really wanna get it for nearer the 410 mark if u can.

    Cheers again guys


    don't know if this is bad to dig up, but i managed to order this from currys for 395 delivered. the site was not clear on availibility so i wasn't too hopeful.
    they then called and said i can't have it, they don't have any (hmm).
    anyway, yesterday i tried again and it showed stock. so i call, and again they can't supply one, no stock locally, no sock at hub yadda yadda.
    2 cancelled orders. so i'm poised to buy one somewhere else.
    any thoughts?
    thanks all.

    edit: the codes i used at currys (forgot to post sorry!) were the usual cfp + price10 + freedel
    but it's academic as they don't seem to have any. what a waste of my time and theirs! sort ya site out currys so people can't buy things you don't have!

    i think this tv is overpriced everywhere, considering it doesn't have a digital tuner and is 23" - can get a black LE26R73/4BD for £25 more (about 455) . you're paying for the "colour" white basically. looking at Beyond Television for about £430 delivered.
    Play still has the 32" for 599 delivered, which is better value in a way (better screen tech, better sound, still no digital tuner!), but i think too big (for me).
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