Posted 18th Jan 2023
Hi all,

none of my spare pc SSDs are apparently good enough for the ps5, what's the best price/gb drive I can get that will let me install to it?
I have an external for PS4 games but am gun-shy as my first ps5 died and it was plugged in
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    Both look too slow for the ps5 sadly
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    This won't answer your question but a heatsink is essential, so factor that in. In case you were unaware one was required.

    In regards to the SSD, personally I went for a 1TB P5 Plus, hasn't let me down yet and between it and the existing storage I've plenty of space to spare.
    I have a box of heatsinks being a pc boy so no issue there
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    My Crutial P5 Plus was around £82 then heatsink £6.
    I went for the 1TB, I was going to opt for the 2TB but tbh 1 is more than enough
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