Posted 18 November 2023

Best price VPN for smart TV , firestick and mobile phones?

Cheapest VPN deals for best VPN for firestick and mobiles etc
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  1. IAmATeaf's avatar
    I got Windscribe 3 year deal from Social Stack, think it came to around £63 so £21 per year which isn’t that bad plus it’s one of the major VPN providers.

    Edit: Just checked it was £53.03 for 3 years. (edited)
  2. AndyRoyd's avatar
    (Un)reliable xx% cashback deal that may (or may not) miraculously pay out,
    or no-risk one-off £xx upfront lifetime multi-simultaneous-login sub,
    such as one-off equiv £24…eal that is a deal somewhere on this site that you can search / Google / mull / dismiss / accept.
  3. mrrsoles's avatar
    Don't underpay for a VPN. Running IPVanish here, bit more expensive but speeds and ping are very good all over the globe.
  4. STi_prodrive's avatar
    Does Nord VPN work well on FireStick, if so does it lag or have any issues?
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