Best priced flights to Canada?

Found 10th Feb 2008

Does anybody know the best company to book flights to Canada? We want to go to Big White in British Columbia over Christmas and so far the best price seems to be flyzoom.com

Anybody know of anybody else we should be trying?

Thank you.
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Hi there,

We are in Canada at the minute from the UK, we looked for ages on several different websites to find the cheapest flight to Winnipeg in Manitoba. We finally booked with Air Canada as there were by the farthest the cheapest, however, there prices change daily, when we first started looking for flights the price for 2 adults and 2 kids was £2500, this went up and down to finally we got it for £1400 about 5 weeks before we left.

Kelkoo.co.uk was a good comparison site we used as well. There is another comparison site we used but as im not on my pc at home i can't find it.

Hope you find the cheapest one.
Kind Regards
It depends where you're flying from, and also haven't looked for a few years, but Thomas Cook's [url]www.canadianaffair.com[/url] website always seemed to be cheap, as did [url]www.airtransat.co.uk[/url]...hope these help! :thumbsup:
...oh, and [url]www.flyglobespan.com[/url] too...knew I'd forgotten one! :oops:
orbitz.com is what I use when looking for anything across the pond
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