best price/deal for new harry potter book

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Found 16th Jul 2007
can you help me out with this. have seen tesco price and asda and amazon. is there any better prices or deals out there ?anything linking book release with cinema tickets etc? could i buy multi copies using a tesco discount voucher for instance and get copies cheaper that way for instance. any help would be appreciated


I know it's £8.99 @ the woks, the only reasson tesco and asda have it less is to get you to purchase other items there.. however, the works do charge postage online (same for amazon) i don't know about asda and tescos.. also, the works will be putting their price up after the first week.. being biased as I work for the works I would purchase it there.. but.. 12p cheaper at the other two (supermarkets) you're likely to buy other bits too..(food which you probably don't NEED..it's just a ploy) blagh i've rambled

I have just received an email from Tesco stating that the book is £8.87 delivered on publication day and you can have it free delivery when using the code XXJKR.

Hope that helps -you wont have to buy any unnecessary food that way ;-)

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