Best processor for Dell deal

    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me which of these 2 is the best processor (and/or point me in the direction of any direct comparison reviews if they exist!).

    Intel Viiv Core 2 Duo E6300 Processor (1.86GHz, 1066MHz, 2MB)


    Intel Viiv Pentium D 915 Dual Core Processor (2.80GHz, 800MHz, 2x2MB)

    I'm looking to get an E250 from Dell using their current deals but am not sure which to go for. I believe the more recent one is the Core 2 Duo, but if there's not much difference I might be swayed towards the Pentium D as that system comes with a few extras for just £3 more.

    I did the side-by-side comparison on Intel's website but that really didn't help me, and I'd much rather hear real people's opinions anyway than the manufacturer's PR speak!

    Any help on this much appreciated!


    Yup go for the Core 2 Duo, much better, the Pentium D was intels bodged up answer to AMD's true dual core the x series, they needed to do something quick or they would get left behind so they brought out the Pentium D which to be honest is classed as a dual core but it really is not, the Core 2 Duo on the other hand is a different technology altogether and are the best chips to ever hit the home PC market.

    Original Poster

    Great thanks, I'll definitely go for the Core 2 Duo.

    Now I just have to hope they don't bring out better deals days after I buy!!

    WARNING - with DELL u never get the Mircosoft back up discs... so if your systems goes belly up - u may be stuffed..

    Also when/if you buy first job remove all the crap software they put on - as it will clog ur system up

    Yes correct you not get cd with recovery software but you can ask for them during 90days standard guarantee and they will post evrything for free...

    I've just done that.
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