Best program to use for webcam chats?

    Just finished setting up webcam for my parents so they can talk to my sister over it. Just tested it on msn and was really disappointed with the sound quality in paticular. Is there a better program to use?

    Both pcs have good webcams and good internet speeds, so I'm guessing I need to try another program, any ideas?



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    EDIT - Should say Live messenger, not msn.

    Easily Skype...

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    Easily Skype...

    Free and good quality?


    skype every time. I use it to talk to my aunt in the states and its always perfect.

    Paltalk maybe?

    Skype hands down, free easy, nice to use.

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    I see on skype you get high quality if you've both got dual core processors, my parents don't on their lounge pc. Is the quality good on standard quality?

    Video was ok on live messenger, audio wasn't.

    Now tell the truth is it really for family chats? LOL

    I picked up a PS2 eyetoy t'other week to use as a webcam, bloody amazing pic quality! Beats any webcam ive seen hands down!

    got excellent on skype with both vid = audio
    - south africa - new zealand -

    yeh skype is free if doing pc to pc.

    ps2 webcam has to be the worst for me someone had it internationally and the picture was terrible. I like the microsoft vx6000 or something thats a nice webcam.
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