Best PS3 bundle?

    Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Console with 80GB HDD + MotorStorm: Pacific Rift + Fallout 3 + Saints Row 2…593


    yeh pretty good deal at the moment, plus 5% off with the RAC voucher code.

    I got the blockbuster deal last week as i didnt want to wait for the delivery, it included 80GB Console + Resistance 2 + NFS : Undercover + I Am Legend Blu Ray + Remote Control for £289.99 , bit more expensive but was able to pick up there and then.

    i got that bundle today with 5% off for 275!

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    Do you guys reckon the ps3 or any of the bundle are gonna come down in price any soon?

    Persumably Sony haven't made any annoucements about lowering price etc

    well it seems to me that the bundles have gone up slightly if anything!! Alot of places, e.g. or Amazon seem to be sold out of most of the bundles at the moment. The sony ceo has said that there will not be any price cuts on ps3 until the summer at the earliest. Plus with the price of the pound so poor against the dollar, it will cost alot more for the retailers to get them atm so i doubt there will be massive price cuts in the near future. IMO id look to get a decent bundle asap rather than wait, plus you'll get an extra few months use out of it

    The bundles on are all out of stock. Does anyone know how long usually take to re-stock their goods ?

    ye same as above i was going to buy but next day when i chekd they wer outta stock:(

    I got the bundle in the OP just after Christmas, I ordered it with an HDMI cable and the quidco tracked at 4% rather than the 1% I was expecting :-D

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    still too high for me .. waiting till the darn thing comes below £200 or there's a really good offer with a mobile contract
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